Our delivery team and volunteers bring with them experience, drive, passion and dedication to support young people to achieve positive change, grow their own support networks and support them to reach their potential. Everyone associated with the East Anglia Anchorage Trust work with the highest integrity with our partners to ensure the best support is available to our young people. Read more about them here

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Our management team brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the sector to keep our delivery and leadership innovative and unique. The East Anglia Anchorage Trust is dedicated and committed to developing our team and providing opportunities of continual development.. Our management team understand our belief in a great and strong working culture. This shapes the work we do and the way in which we work with our young people.

Our trustees & advisors bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, drive and passion for our mission and vision for more sustainable options for young people who we truly believe in. Read more on our meet the team page. The East Anglia Anchorage Anchorage Trust has grown a board of trustees who share our commitment to young people locally to ensure we remain commercially strong with a lean business model and the vision for young people remains unique and innovative and continually evolves. We continue to grow stronger and our board are very active in our work, development and processes. We are proud to have a board that is highly skilled, visionary and very respected locally. 

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The  East Anglia Anchorage Trust was founded in March 2015 by Benjamin Stone and Dr Peter Cutler. Ben is an experienced social work professional with many years experience and Peter holds a PHd in Economics and works as a business management consultant specialising in public/private partnerships across the UK and overseas. 

The pair met when Ben was working within supported housing in Great Yarmouth and Peter had a desire to utilise property to support young people in transition or those who needed support to enhance their own lives. The idea began with Ben's determination to give young people a move on option from hostels or supported housing and Peter being able to meet that need. It was evident at this point that the idea would need more structure than just moving young people on from this environment with little or no support available. Both shared a vision, and although from very different backgrounds and bringing different experiences both felt that they were on the same page in terms of a solution. 

Back when Ben was a local housing manager and Peter approached him about the current needs for young people in transition and how he may be able to support this. Ben and Peter began to work together to offer young people an achievable and affordable move on option from supported housing, Quickly it was clear that this had varying levels of success and that there was little or no support available to young people leaving this type of accommodation. Peter and Ben often thought about what the solution might be to enable young people to maintain tenancies and landlords to be flexible to ensure the relationship maintained on both sides. 

The East Anglia Anchorage Trust was born out of an in depth discussion between Dr. Peter Cutler & Ben Stone about current supported housing provision in Great Yarmouth. Both identified that there was a huge need for a unique, innovative and sustainable supported housing organisation which utilises good quality, ethical partner landlords. Peter wanted to invest in ethical property in the town and Ben, as a local housing manager in supported accommodation met to discuss gaps in provision. From this point the Anchorage Trust was constituted as an organisation and the vision started to come to fruition, The Anchorage Trust promotes asset based community development and looks to grow the positive networks of the young people we work with. 

The private rented sector market in Great Yarmouth is crowded and has two very different sides, the very expensive and unaffordable for those currently on benefits and the very poor quality, run down and sometimes unsafe accommodation often of large HMO type.

Peter didn’t want to merely invest in property but help young people have a clear, achievable and affordable pathway of accommodation and support them to gain the skills required to be excellent tenant and excellent employees of the future. This idea then developed into creating a social enterprise that will achieve real social impact and help in developing brighter communities and support young people to access good quality housing as a ‘housing first’ model. The trust could then look to increase independence skills, employability, skills, aspirations and confidence, mental and physical wellbeing and positive and supportive community networks. 

Great Yarmouth is above the national average for youth economic inactivity and unemployment and national deprivation statistics. The rate of those who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or those unsuitably housed has risen since 2011/12. Employment opportunities are often limited and hard to access for young people dealing with multiple issues in their lives.

By bringing together a team of trustees and directors who share the same ethos and vision with different backgrounds, skills and expertise we will create a solid, sustainable social model which will be financially strong. Dr. Peter Cutler has a strong background in business, finance and consultancy and with Ben Stone coming from a social work background having worked on some great projects around the country, the model was sure to develop well.

The trust has grown rapidly in its first two years achieving great results on little funding. This continues to grow and the demand for our services continues to grow quickly. The Trust has seen some great impact from our work and will continue to develop and evolve the business model to ensure we are sustainable in the long term and continuing to push the boundaries of services available to young people in Great Yarmouth. 

The East Anglia Anchorage Trust continues to work with the highest integrity with our partners, commissioners and stakeholders to deliver innovative projects in collaboration with partner agencies. The East Anglia Anchorage Trust will continue to promote young people and challenge current provision and the lack of sustainable options for young people to progress. The East Anglia Anchorage Trust promotes asset based community development and welcomes and embraces the community being involved in our work and our vision. 

We believe that all young people can achieve great things if given the opportunities to do so. The East Anglia Anchorage Trust looks to work with young people to identify and achieve their aspirations based around secure, good quality and affordable accommodation. 

Laura Franks

Peer Mentor Project Lead