The East Anglia Anchorage Trust works with ethical, socially conscious landlords to offer young people achievable, flexible and safe tenancies of different types to address different needs. 

All the accommodation we work with must have been through our in depth process led by members of our board, Joy Savill and Lisa Hudson. This will look to assess its suitability and quality of the property and that the landlord is clear on the vision and ethos of the trust and our aims for the young people we work with. The trust is clear that it wants to provide a clear accommodation pathway enabling young people to have a clear incentive to gain employment and the skills needed to manage a tenancy independently of the trust. 

All our accommodation will be affordable, good quality and safe. Our aim is to provide a housing first model for low/medium support needs and support young people to manage their tenancy, of which will be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy providing the young person with more stability than licence agreements. There is an expectation for our young people to engage with the support offered by the trust and our partners to enable them to move forward. The trust looks to equip young people with practical skills, employability skills and resilience to manage their own lives. 

Accommodation Framework;

  • Stage 1 - House share type accommodation with shared facilities, double rooms and inclusive utilities including broadband. 
  • Stage 2 - Smaller share or single units with 'light touch' tenancy support all inclusive utilities
  • Stage 3 - Anchorage Trust to facilitate longer term tenancies with no support other than any crisis management 

In a year we have facilitated and supported 29 young people into safe accommodation with our partner landlords. This gives young people a place to call home and a base to address other areas in their lives. We offer house meetings and regular support visits to their home in order to support the tenancy and the property as a whole. Our support to young people is honest and straightforward and based on our vast experience in working with them over many years. We also have a weekly drop-in to address any issues or support that may be needed. This takes place in Great Yarmouth Library every Wednesday 9.30am-11.30am. 

Our process is simple;

  • Application form - A simple form to assess basic details and current housing needs.
  • Assessment - We want this to be based on the young persons aspirations and needs, Where are they heading? what support do they need?
  • Matching Process - Where do they want to be? Expectation? Who would they mix with best?
  • Move In - We make this as simple and supportive as possible. 

Accommodation & Tenancy Support...