Brighter futures is a collaborative project between ourselves and Inspired Youth. This is at the core of everything we do. and forms the 'EAAT' journey. The journey each young person takes is individual and this project, which started with young people developing what the various aspects of the journey should address recently held its first conference to harness the already very strong partnerships we have with local organisations, businesses and employers. This led to pledges of support to develop the journey. We will deliver self esteem building, activities to raise aspiration, work based activity such as employer visits and work shadowing right through to employer engagement at the final stage.

Brighter futures has already secured employment for 11 young people since it began. We extend huge thanks and gratitude to the partnerships we have built along the way who have opened the door to opportunity for our young people.

Brighter Futures is a full journey employability project, taking young people from a disadvantaged situation (homeless/economically inactive) through to employment.

The project is to work with a targeted group of individuals, under the age of 30, through a programme of employability, with specific invention activities, supported by individual mentoring.  Each individual has a personalised development plan to support their journey.

The intervention workshops are supported by two mentoring activities.  First of these is Peer mentoring, where individuals that have previously been supported by the Trust or have life experiences will be training to act as peer support to the cohort running through the programme.  This also ensures that those participating can feel connected to someone of a younger age who will understand some of the personal challenges of the young people, but also someone who has recently been supported by the Trust.

The second activity is employment mentoring, where the young people participating on the programme get support from local employers who provide advice and guidance as the young people start to explore employment through work experience and other opportunities. 

The project is a multi collaboration approach in which each organisation brings a unique skill set together to create this comprehensive programme.  Inspired Youth (Lead) and the East Anglia Anchorage Trust have been working on developing the strategy for Brighter Futures for the past 3 months, bringing together their shared experience, expertise and employer relationships.  They will work collaboratively to deliver and support the whole Brighter Futures Programme.

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