First Step...

First Step looks to secure young people by linking them with positive activities, securing suitable housing and gaining support for any further support needs before engaging with other projects which look to a longer term intervention. This project looks to focus on goals, aspirations, confidence and planning for the future. The course looks at;

  • Aspirations
  • Identifying skills, talents achievements which can help you achieve 
  • Goal Planning & setting
  • How you can get to your goals 
  • building confidence in yourself to reach your goals
  • what projects can help me achieve those aspirations
  • Overcoming barriers and challenges
  • Personal development plans and action planning
  • A better understanding of current support services and where to access support
  • Looking after their wellbeing and how this has impact of every aspect of their lives. 
  • 6 mandatory courses which include Tenancy Awareness, Cash Smart and First Step

group workshops and weekly 1 to 1 support sessions we will support young people to report an improvement in their: (1) self-confidence and self-belief, (2) aspirations and ability to appropriately communicate their emotions, feelings and aspirations, (3) be inspired and motivated to set personal goals and understand the steps required to achieve them (4) building positive peer relationships and wider networks of support.