Our Purpose...

The East Anglia Anchorage Trust was founded and developed as a direct response to need, and young people wanting and seeking a different approach. The trust identified that young people needed a fresh, forward thinking, affordable and sustainable approach to housing and support needs. It was developed with young people and the community very much at the heart of everything we do. We work with the highest levels of integrity to ensure our partners who are best placed to deliver specific elements of the EAAT journey become part of the Anchorage family. We are committed to challenging the boundaries and barriers young people face and the current provision available to them. We are determined to be truly youth led in our vision and encourage the development of student placements, peer mentors and volunteers who have experience and share our determination to deliver a unique service to our young people. 

Our mission and vision define our work and show how we are unique and innovative in our approach to meeting local need and the wishes of young people. The East Anglia Anchorage Trust is an inclusive organisation with it's heart very much in the local community. Our strength comes from the belief the local community has in our work of securing brighter futures for young people. The East Anglia Anchorage Trust prides itself on building strong relationships and partnerships with communities, partner agencies and local employers and businesses. We believe strongly in working with the highest integrity to best support young people and work with the already great work that is undertaken by partners to form The EAAT journey. 

Our Mission...

To enable positive change in young people and provide a platform to a brighter future through the delivery of unique, innovative programmes which can take young people away from persistent hardships and realise potential.

Our Values...

HOPE - for brighter futures for all young people enabling them to achieve positive change. 

FAITH - Faith in every young person, their abilities, aspirations and their potential to contribute to a thriving community. 

HELP - Help those in need to reach their potential and achieve their goals

INTEGRITY - Work with partners to best deliver a bespoke, innovative and personal journey for all young people which addresses their individual needs. 

HONESTY - Work with honesty with all our young people, partners, supporters, commissioners and stakeholders