Why we are unique...

The East Anglia Anchorage Trust was founded by Dr Peter Cutler & Ben Stone who felt that the sector needed a fresh, innovative and forward thinking approach which looks to provide young people with real incentives to have raised aspirations, confidence, self-esteem, employability and social inclusion. 

We can achieve this by providing focussed projects around our core accommodation offer. Our accommodation has a clear pathway by working with carefully assessed partner landlords who can provide a wide range of good quality, affordable and ethical accommodation solutions in line with our own vision, ethos and purpose. 

How can we do it?...

It is essential that we maintain our long term strategic vision in order to best provide for our young people and maintain a business like, long term sustainable model. We believe that by working with local, chosen landlords we can provide young people with support which really moves them forward and enables positive change, Many young people may be overcoming poor education attainment, family breakdown, domestic violence, homelessness, poor quality or unsafe accommodation or unaffordable accommodation. We are clear in our approach and provide clear incentives to increase skills and gain training and sustainable employment for the future which doesn't affect their ability to afford their accommodation. Landlords with whom we work with undertake an assessment to ensure they meet our ethos, values and vision. 

By working with our key partners and employers, which we are incredibly proud of, the 'Housing First' model with support coming from the Trust and funded separately to rent payments this enables young people to plan for their future and not have to plan for high rent charges in the event of finding employment. We are very proud of the community heart to our organisation, and this alone has helped us with very rapid growth since March 2015. Our partner employers and agencies have provided incredible support such as sponsorship, donations and supported projects. This supports our very long term, visionary strategy moving forward. We believe that by being the link between landlord and tenant this will enable relationships to develop to create long term, sustainable tenancies and for our young people to develop the skills they need in order to move forward in their journey. We pride ourselves on being efficient with every penny our organisation receives and ensuring that every possible bit of this goes to the young people we are here to support via some innovative and unique projects and programmes. This in turn saves cost to the public purse, and young people to achieve the change they want for their future. 

Why we are needed?... 

We have a very clear purpose, vision and strategy for growth, future projects and the need of local young people to have a clear pathway of accommodation options which are affordable and achievable for them. We have a clear vision of ways to make ourselves sustainable and financially strong. We provide more long term opportunities to young people locally. 

We are dedicated and committed to having business like efficiency whilst delivering projects and services of the highest quality with young people at the very heart of what we do and remaining cost effective, how we deliver services and the way we move forward. Our work will have clear focus, clear goals and outcomes for our young people who are socially excluded and disadvantaged. Our services will remain competitive, forward thinking and affordable for young people with a clear focus on them gaining long term, sustainable employment and becoming self-sustainable without the need for a reliance on state benefits. We will remain at the very heart of the community and encourage and promote members of our community to support us and promote the achievements of our young people. We will engage the business community, partners and young people in events and conferences. 

We have an extremely ambitious business development strategy in order to become the market leader for delivering services to young people as we move forward in our own journey. This will be made possible by attracting the highest calibre board members, staff and volunteers which we will commit to develop. 

As a new charity, we also undertake fundraising activities and events which contribute to the work we are able to undertake with our young people. This strengthens the need for us to be efficient and innovative with our income, business development strategies and competitive with the services which we provide. The projects we deliver alongside our core accommodation offer with our partner landlords will enable us to build on what the offer of our organisation is in the future. 

All landlords we work with must undergo an assessment and induction to ensure that they understand and share our vision and purpose and that they are committed to developing the offer of the trust and ensure they will continue to provide good quality, affordable housing to our young people. We work with key, chosen partners to assist in delivery of services and also strive to look for joint funding and working opportunities to utilise different skills, expertise and areas of work for the benefit of our young people. 

In our first year we...

  • Housed 29 young people, providing a safe, sustainable, and affordable place to call home. 
  • Supported 16 young people into employment.
  • Engaged 8 young people with an apprenticeship provider intervention programme. 
  • Engaged 10 young people in enterprise days with Inspired Youth.
  • Engaged 12 young people on a Youth Action project developing projects and hosted our first ever Youth Conference. 
  • Raised in excess of £15,000 at charity events.
  • Accepted onto the School For Social Entrepreneurs Lloyds Bank Programme 2016
  • Winner of Unltd Millenium Do It Award
  • Winner of a Spirit of Enterprise Award - Great Community Contribution
  • Awarded funding from The Big Lottery Awards For All Programme 
  • Awarded funding from Greggs Community Foundation. 
  • Developed very strong collaborative partnerships with employers and local business, key partners and landlords enabling more sustainable move on options and employment opportunities. 
  • Committed to 4 further properties in the next 2 months with chosen partner landlords.
  • Developed 'Brighter Futures' - A collaborative project with Inspired Youth which is already achieving amazing outcomes.Brighter Futures is a mentoring and employability project with young people and oher community mentors to support our young people open opportnuities wiith partner employers and other opportunities such as training, other employability skills.  
  • Become proud members of the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Buy Local Norfolk, 4Networking , Homeless Link & Momentum Norfolk. 
  • Created a clear growth strategy and business development plan.
  • Developed systems to ensure we become a market leader in the sector and have maximum time supporting young people who need our support. 
  • Worked collaboratively with partners, local business, landlords and employers
  • Developed our counselling services in collaboration with Great Yarmouth College
  • Provided 9 work placements for students of Great Yarmouth College and Norwich City College
  • Developed a first class board of trustees to take us forward and develop the trust to become self sustainable and non reliant on grants. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services at the most efficient cost and ensuring all available funds are felt on front line delivery by young people and the local community.  Our model will remain competitive and of huge social benefit to our funders, stakeholders, young people and local community. Our board have a vast array of experience, talents and expertise to ensure our strategy is delivering for our young people. 

We plan to develop going forward...

  • Continually develop, grow and work with key partners on innovative, unique and cost effective projects which deliver outcomes and real social impact for our young people and local communities.
  • Develop and explore social investment models which will enable us to become more financially self-sustainable and more stable going forward.
  • Ensure young people are at the very heart of everything we do and the decisions we make by developing our peer mentor & employability programme 'Brighter Futures' and by developing and promoting our youth board, youth ambassadors, consultation events and conferences - We want to be truly youth led and lead the field in this area.
  • Continually evolve and develop our systems, support and outcome frameworks and delivery strategy, to ensure best practice, appropriate and good use of funds and ensure we reach out to those most in need.
  • Develop social enterprises and employability projects with our key partners to ensure a clear pathway of employment related support for our young people and other long term economically inactive young people locally. 
  • Increase our partner landlords and property we can offer to our young people and develop our service structure and stage 1 accommodation service.
  • Develop an external audit of services with partners, young people and employers to ensure we continue to meet the needs of young people and ensure the highest standards of delivery of support.
  • Continue to utilise the skills and networks of local volunteers, employers and our board to ensure we remain at the heart of the community and can grow our own team and develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Continue to keep management costs as lean as possible to ensure delivery is at the forefront of everything we do. 
  • Work with key partners such as Yellow Brick Road to ensure staff wellbeing and training and development is of the highest quality and continually developing and evolving to lead the way on staff development and wellbeing.
  • Provide apprenticeships to young people who have a desire to work with us and use their own experiences of being a homeless young person to develop and support others. 
  • Continue to develop and evolve our use of social media and use the use of video to engage with young people and tell their stories and experiences and views of what is needed in the sector to get other young people to where they want to be. This will be lead by young people, for young people.

The East Anglia Anchorage Trust strives to reach the highest possible standards in all we do and work with integrity to work with partners who are best to deliver the vision, the support that young people need and the overall East Anglia Anchorage Trust journey. 

The East Anglia Anchorage Trust will continue to challenge the current accommodation options available to young people and strive to improve standards and affordability of accommodation locally. We are proud to work with good quality, ethical and socially aware landlords and with local employers and the business community to open the doors of opportunity to our young people,