​We are a local charity founded as a direct result of need in Norfolk for innovative and unique approaches since March 2015. We focus on young people aged 18-30yrs, helping them to play an active and positive role in their community.

We work with disadvantaged young people who may be experiencing crisis or those in transition in their lives, including those who have been affected by homelessness, family breakdown or transition from care. We support young people to understand their responsibility and identify aspirations.

We provide a safe, affordable home in the community and support to over 40 vulnerable young people in Norfolk, As a key element of our support young people must be involved in meaningful activity which develops them into work, training and develops resilience and life skills required for living independently.

We offer a wide range of services, support and interventions to young people in to enable them to fulfil their potential.

The East Anglia Anchorage Trust is a community housing and support organisation, providing flexible, social tenures for local young people who face complex life circumstances on a daily basis, and who would benefit from accessing increased and tailored support to help them move forward in their lives.

How we achieve our aims: 

The Trust's work is centred within holistic, asset-based and collaborative methodologies; to ensure we empower young people to concentrate on moving away from what is wrong in their lives, to focusing on what is strong.

Our Services:

The Anchorage Trust structured through Housing First models, securing high quality accommodation and housing stock in local communities, working in partnership with local social landlords to help increase the availability of assured tenancies for vulnerable young people.  The Trust provides support to all parties, ensuring young people remain living in their local communities, outside of hostel and statutory provision, whilst helping to manage the legal requirements for landlords, who may otherwise struggle to access the resources required to safely accommodate young people and first time tenancy holders.

The Trust manages a growing portfolio of 41 rooms across 15 accommodation projects, alongside providing innovative volunteering, training, personal development and pre-employment programmes via our community of business supporters.

Our services are focused across 3 core agendas:

Getting Ready:

Addressing crises, ensuring young people are safe from harm, have security and time to talk openly and reflect.

Moving Forward:

Helping young people to build positive intentions, develop capacity and grow through a range of volunteering, pastoral and diversional activities, including access to local activity groups, community projects, and confidence building.

Achieving More:

Supporting young people via work placements, business take-overs, community engagement and job coaching.

Our projects;

Tenancy Support & Accommodation

Facilitating good quality, affordable and sustainable tenancies through our network of partner landlords who offer accommodation exclusively to working in partnership with us we then provide responsive tenancy support, a personal development plan and support young people to set goals to move forward to full independence. 

First Step

First Step looks to secure young people by linking them with positive activities, securing suitable housing and planning for any further support needs before engaging with other projects which look to a longer term intervention. This project looks to focus on goals, aspirations, confidence and planning for the future. This project provides group workshops and weekly 1 to 1 support sessions which support young people to report an improvement in their: (1) self-confidence and self-belief, (2) aspirations and ability to appropriately communicate their emotions, feelings and aspirations, (3) be inspired and motivated to set personal goals and understand the steps required to achieve them.

Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures is a full journey employability and personal development programme with the aim of taking homeless or those who have experienced homelessness into long term, sustainable employment opportunities and look to increase their aspirations and confidence. This project is a collaborative project with Inspired Youth and other partners which provides a unique skill set to enhance the package of support around each young person. The project works with partner employers and agencies to open opportunities. 


A youth social action project for young people to challenge issues that young people face in Great Yarmouth. This project develops young people in confidence, communication and skills working with Harbour Radio, our local community radio station, GYBP and Inspired Youth. 

'Listening With Care' Counselling Service

A collaborative project with Great Yarmouth College offering a confidential and safe environment to talk about challenges young people face in moving forward and developing their own coping strategies. 

Tenancy Drop In

Weekly tenancy drop-in on top of the tenancy support to provide young people with a chance to discuss issues they may be facing or access extra support if required. Young people new to the trust can also use this to find out about our services and how they can shape the work we do. Often joined by landlords and partner support services to offer advice and support in a range of areas. 

Cash Smart

Working with two local businesses to provide young people with a structured and engaging course on money management, financial awareness and an understanding of all aspects of finances such as APR, Rent, Budgeting priorities and savings. 

Landlord Support

By being their very much for our young people this can have great benefits for the landlords who work with us to provide accommodation for them. Working with our partners LNR Property Investments, Stressless Property Solutions and others to identify the requirements of our partner landlords to offer affordable, good quality accommodation to our young people. 

What we do...