We achieve our aims by working honestly with all our young people, placing faith in their abilities, aspirations, and their potential to contribute to a thriving community. We could not do this without the commitment of our partners, supporters, commissioners, stakeholders & volunteers. Between them, they offer their time, guidance, sponsorship and donations. They are, as far as we are concerned, an extension of our Anchorage family.

Anchorage Trust organises fundraising events which contribute to the work we undertake with our young people. We source the highest calibre of board members, staff, and volunteers, and commit to developing them, together reinforcing our core values and strategic vision.

Our purpose is clear, as is our vision and our strategy for growth. We understand how to make ourselves sustainable and financially strong, and we spend wisely, consciously reducing reliance on funding from the public.

Our chosen partners assist us in our delivery of services. We actively look for joint funding and collaborative working opportunities to establish a mutually beneficial way of working that ultimately benefits our young people.

We work efficiently, finding innovative ways to spend our generated income. We are competitive with the services that we provide and regularly evaluate our strategies for business development, helping us to create a long-term sustainable business model.

We deliver projects and services of the highest quality. We will remain at the very heart of the community and encourage members within it to support us and promote the achievements of our young people. We regularly engage the business community, partners and young people in events and conferences.

To date, we have received tremendous support from local businesses and Corporate Social Responsibility Policies. This positively impacts those that are disadvantaged.

Keen to embrace new partnerships that support and enhance our work, we encourage organisations to get in touch with us if you think you can help by offering your time, expertise or financial backing.

Anchorage Trust evidence that by encouraging our young people to journey with us, that we can together maximise their opportunity for a permanent fix, restoring their feelings of self-worth and enjoyment, and, over time, allowing young people to see that it is their actions that are bringing about positive change.