Our services are focused on three core motives

Getting Ready

Addressing crises, ensuring young people are safe from harm, have security, and are given time to talk openly and reflect.

Moving Forward

Helping young people to build positive intentions, develop capacity, and grow through a range of volunteering, pastoral and diversional activities, including access to local activity groups, community projects, and confidence building opportunities.

Achieving More

Supporting young people via work placements, business take-overs, community engagement and job coaching.

The Anchorage Trust has an educated understanding of both the cause and consequences of homelessness. We know that if we all pull together, expressing our compassion for those less fortunate, that together we will overcome young peoples’ challenges and help them to build optimistic futures.

The Trust has a holistic approach to its work, this ensures we empower young people to concentrate on moving away from the difficulties in their life, and instead place focus on positive changes that can be made, with the support of Anchorage Trust.

There are many vulnerable young people, who, behind closed doors, are often faced with challenging circumstances.

Can you help

We rely on the good will of our supporters and the public to keep our door's open!

As a key element of our support, and to enable young people to move to full independence, we recognise the importance of offering support in multiple areas including tenancy management, financial awareness & money management, employability, and health and wellbeing.