What is The Difference between Corded and Cordless Vacuums for Hardwood Floors?

What is The Difference between Corded and Cordless Vacuums for Hardwood Floors?

When cleaning your floors, the best way is to use some types of vacuums. Nowadays, vacuum cleaners have been made with advanced technology for overall improvement. Vacuum cleaners are available in many sizes, shapes, and types. They include cordless, corded, drum, robotic, and backpack vacuums, and many more. In this post, we will discuss the corded and cordless models.

Why Use a Cordless Model?


  • Lighter than standard models
  • May be used as a handheld device for cleaning the stairs or car
  • Simple to store


  • The battery life is limited
  • Smaller dust capacity
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Need a wall mount to store it


They are lighter than most regular upright models out there. They have the average weights of 3 kg, while other standard ones weigh 7kg. Therefore, it’s easy to move cordless vacuum cleaners.


Many cordless vacuums have wall mounts. Therefore, they are perfect for quick cleaning jobs. Some models are made only for floor cleaning. However, most of them come with accessories to deal with smaller cleaning jobs. You can use them for cleaning your stairs, car, and more with ease.

Battery life

Nowadays, the battery life has been improved. Most of them can last from 20 to 45 minutes. Besides, there are some vacuums with swappable batteries. They can last for up to 1 hour.

Dust capacity

A cordless vacuum cleaner can help you save time. However, you will have to take more time to empty it. You also need to spend time cleaning the filters. That’s why a cordless vacuum is not a good choice for those with allergies.

Corded Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuums are more traditional. They are used commonly in the US. Not like cordless vacuum cleaners, they don’t require a battery. To use it, you just have to plug in and go. Moreover, these devices often feature a longer lifespan compared to cordless vacuum cleaners.

They have bagless and bagged styles. Some of them are built with HEPA filters. In terms of price, they are cheaper than cordless vacuum cleaners. With these models, you also haven’t to waste time on battery recharging.

You won’t have to worry about running out of power when cleaning your house. Moreover, they are also lightweight. You can also use them with ease.

Should You Choose Corded or Cordless?

Your choice depends on the size of your house as well as your preferences. If you have small storage spaces, you should look for a cordless vacuum. However, it’s better to choose a corded model if you need a device for long vacuuming times.

If you have to handle an average-sized house, it’s a good idea to choose a model with a long power cable. And, a cordless model is more convenient for you if you plan to use the device as a secondary cleaner. They are great for quickly cleaning tasks.

Best Features of a Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors

Suction Power

Almost all models feature strong suction power. However, you just need powerful suction for your hardwood floors if they are covered with wider carpets. These models are also ideal for cleaning up larger debris or dust.

Lightweight and Compact

Another important factor to consider is size. This is a big problem if you want to clean your entire house. You should look for a small size model to avoid creating damage from falls, bumps, as well as regular dragging around. For your hardwood floors, you shouldn’t choose a bigger and heavier model since it can scratch your floors.

Long extension hoses

Regardless of any type of vacuum cleaner you choose, make sure the model you pick can deal with almost all areas of your house as well as floors. You shouldn’t choose a short extension hose because you have to do a much bending to clean specific areas. Otherwise, it can make your arms and back tired.

With a long extension hose, you can clean with comfort for a long time. To reach any areas up high as well as between hard-to-reach spaces, it’s best to choose a long hose.


If you don’t buy a vacuum only for your hardwood floors, you may want a model that can operate for other surfaces such as carpets, rugs, furniture, upholstery, hard surface areas, and more. You should choose one with a flexible wand since it allows you to clean underneath the furniture. Moreover, it’s also convenient for cleaning above-ground as well.


Both cordless and corded vacuum cleaners have their specific highlight features. You can choose any of these vacuum models for cleaning hardwood floors. Your decision is up to you. Keep in mind that your hardwood floors require an exceptional model to grab all the debris and dirt off the floor.

Hopefully, our article is useful and can help you make your choice easier.

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